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There are many reasons why you should opt for leasing a car from a rental company. The long-term van rental service is addressed to companies, institutions, as well as to private individuals.  

Long-term lease is typically taken advantage of by companies, for which a car is an indispensible tool allowing them to provide customers with services or sell them goods.

It is also a great solution for people who live outside the country and would like to visit Poland for a longer period of time. Such individuals typically require a car to travel places.

Terms and conditions of long-term rental are always adjusted to individual needs and requirements of Clients. Customers renting a vehicle pay a fixed subscription for its use. Within the scope of the long-term van rental service, an agreement is concluded that incorporates, inter alia, the expected mileage of the car after its termination, rental period duration, and a specified fee without any additional hidden payments to be made. The agreement is flexible in nature, which means that some amendments may be introduced to it.

There are numerous advantages of the long-term van rental service. As it is comprehensive in character, the client is not required to any insurance-related costs, has a guarantee that the vehicle will undergo regular maintenance, that its condition will be monitored on an ongoing basis, that malfunctioning parts will be replaced toll-free, as well as that the overall price will be remarkably lower than in the case of the short-time option. What is more, in the case of long-term rental, no own contribution is needed. The client who rents the vehicle on the long-term basis is only required to undertake payments for refueling.

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