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Short-term rental is based on making it possible for clients to lease a car for 1 to 30 days; the entire process is quick and efficient. The service is addressed to both private individuals and to companies. The overall payment to a remarkable extent depends on the number of days of lease. The longer the period, the lower the payment.
There are many situations when a short-term lease of a van is the best solution available.
A vehicle may be indispensible during various family-oriented events, such as weddings and wedding receptions, hen and stag nights, or house moves.
If your own vehicle malfunctions or has been broken, you would like to go on a holiday or on a business trip, or you would like to rent a car after reaching the airport and travel anywhere you want, short-term vehicle rental service may be the best bet for you.
Short-time van rental is a truly great solution. There is no minimum rental period, said period can be prolonged or shortened freely, the vehicle may be delivered to the spot specified by the customer, and the car provided is always covered with such insurances as OC, AC, NWW, and Assistance. Vans provided by our company are clean, have the tank full of gas, and are in an exceptional condition.
Short-term vehicle rental is becoming more and more popular, as it ensures clients both comfort and full independence.
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1-3 days

PLN 349 / days

3-10 days

PLN 329 / days

10-30 days

PLN 299 / days

30 days+


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